Change Your Life

How can Pellin Italy help you change your life? There are many reasons why the Pellin late summer program enables people to achieve lasting, nourishing change.

1. Small Steps

In Pellin work we believe that change is achieved by small steps.

For all of us the extreme difficulty of deep personal change requires the encouragement and the motivation we get from successful small steps.

Peter helps people find the right small steps to bring about meaningful personal change, with encouragement and support.

His therapeutic accuracy ensures that these small steps are safe, and that they lay the groundwork for further change after the program has ended.

2. Realistic Expectations

The program encourages people to work on areas in which there can be a realistic expectation of change, for example: a couple may learn to listen and communicate with each other more effectively, not necessarily decide whether to split up or stay together.

3. The Pellin Method

During the program, participants engage in individual Gestalt work, called Pellin Chair Work, learn to apply the Pellin tools of Contribution Training, give and receive personal feedback and learn new listening skills.

This combination, though hard work, helps people achieve rapid change.

4. The Tools of Change

The ideas that make up the Pellin method of Contribution Training which will be taught in the late summer program, are in the Pellin Training Manual which is available for each participant to study before the program begins.

5. Support Partners

Individuals are paired up to support each other during the program.

This system has always been part of the Pellin program and enables people to work steadily outside of group time if they wish, and to receive support when change becomes hard.

6. Individual Programs

Peter will discuss an individual program with each participant when she or he enrols.

This gives people the best possible chance to benefit from their time in Pellin Italy.

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