Foster Carer's Workbook

Pellin Foster Carer’s Foundation Course Workbook

Pellin Foster Carer’s Foundation Course Workbook

The Pellin Foster Carer’s Foundation Course Workbook was developed as a training course for foster carers in collaboration with Banya Family Placement Agency as part of the Pellin Therapeutic Model for Fostering. Our course was fully Accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

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The Pellin Therapeutic Model for Fostering is, above all, accessible and practical. Although it is based on deep and comprehensive theoretical work, it is presented as a set of tools that are easily accessible and thoroughly practical and applicable to everyday situations. Examples of tools applicable to everyday fostering situations are the Pendulum or Memory Links.

There were foster carers before there were teachers. Raising a child who is not our own with love and care, who is not known to us, has, over the millennia, been one defining edge of our humanity. Pellin regards training foster carers as a particular privilege and a place of particular responsibility. 

This Workbook is the Foundation Level of the Therapeutic Model and introduces the Pellin Tools and provides practical examples. It was developed with the needs of the participants in mind. You don’t have to commit to the whole model: simply take what will work for you. 

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