Pellin’s integration with the civil rights movement and the womens movement was there from the beginning and attracted people who were uncomfortable with the helping profession’s history of white male dominance.

In Pellin, women and people of colour did not feel patronised because of David Pellin’s unique material on Purpose.

Our idea of Purpose simply and straightforwardly recognised the women’s movement and the civil rights movement as prime examples of Sustaining Purpose, which for us is perhaps the most powerful source of energy and healing.

This gave a practical and also theoretical framework to the importance of their work in their political movements.

They had Purpose and the Feelings Of Accomplishment that come from Purpose. The Purpose in the political work was relevant to mental health and the healing of mental illness.

In other approaches their work in their civil rights and womens rights movements hung on the outside.

In Pellin they were right at the centre of what we were all about. People into those history making movements were being Transparent. They were Contributing From Hurt. They were engulfed and enthralled by their Sustaining Purpose.

Today’s Pellin work in the UK and in Michigan and Ohio is in many ways still rooted in that history.

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