Pellin Groups

The Pellin Groups

The programme is centred on the training and therapy groups. There are a total of twelve group meetings each week.

The core of the program is the five working days from Sunday through Thursday. On these days there is a group in the morning and a group in the evening. 

There is a short group on the day that people arrive, Saturday, and another short group at the end of the programme, Friday morning.

After lunch the afternoons are free and people can make their way to the beach, spend time studying, or simply relax on the patio and absorb the Cilento’s hills. 

Peter Fleming conducts all the groups at Pellin Italy. 

The groups are an opportunity to benefit from the added practicality and power that Peter has added to Contribution Training and Pellin work over recent years. 

One quick example is his new work on the relation between hope and change. The sources of hope are embedded in the Pellin ethos and the Contribution Training tools that will be taught in this program.

In these hard and scary times we can all benefit from uncomfortable yet profound personal insights, and the ambitious new plans that Pellin programes can deliver.

For some of us this could be about finding the energy to solve problems in a current relationship or the motivation to search for love in a new relationship. 

For others, the program could be about finding the right work and purpose, and at times it might be rekindling a passion for work that has become stale, or around which we may have become cynical. 

In Peter’s work there is a tight and practical connection between hope and motivation. This is true both at work and at home. As Freud maintained we all need love and work.

The use in Pellin groups of Gestalt methods, art therapy, the teaching of cognitive tools and the demanding yet safe use of feedback means that people leave a Pellin summer with a grounded belief in their future and practical tools and insight with which to take the first practical steps. 

All of us want a future that has new satisfaction and has hope.

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