Pellin UK

Over time the Pellin part time diploma training courses in Gestalt Therapy and Contribution Training in London for counselors and psychotherapists have evolved into training for foster carers. 

The work we have developed for foster carers is extensive and expansive. (See the Pellin Workbook for Foster Carers: Foundation Level).  Like the previous Pellin Diploma courses this is London based. 

The move to fostering has been a natural progression as the universities became more active in the areas where Pellin as a non-university based school had previously held sway. Put simply, we were overtaken by more powerful academic structures. 

We plan to resuscitate what was the Pellin Diploma course as an online course in the future.

As a first step to our online work, Peter Fleming is conducting twice-weekly Zoom sessions from his new home in Kings Lynn on the Norfolk east coast of England under the title, The Peter Fleming Forum. 

The meeting is a ninety-minute presentation and discussion of the methods of Contribution Training and the Pellin tools. 

Contribution Training is the formal name for our body of work, for the school of thought. The Pellin tools demonstrate the practical day to day applications of Contribution Training. That is a bit confusing at first but, be sure, it works out. 

Peter is also using Facebook to take both the Pellin tools and the history of Pellin, our particular lineage, which is unusual and original, into the wider world. He posts short but substantial articles on Facebook every day or two. You can find the link to the Pellin Facebook page at the bottom of all our web pages.

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