What can you get from Pellin Italy?

You can take a deep look at yourself in a safe and nourishing setting. People have faced many issues about themselves at Pellin Italy over the years.

You can take risks around sharing with other people. For example, someone may share a secret about personal guilt and get relief and reassurance about that deeply important hurt.

You can find the positive energy in negative behavior and attitudes. For example, if we disown our genuine caring it can become negative patronising. The energy tied up in the patronisation, when used positively, can lead to personal and professional closeness.

You can look at needs and solve problems in long term relationships and marriages.

You can face dangers in the use of drugs and alcohol and begin to give them up.

You can solve work and professional problems.

You can uncover professional and creative talent.

You can break through creative and performing blocks and take home a new approach which can release and sustain your energy.

You can find the courage to attempt career change. People who have attended Pellin Italy in recent years have made radical and fruitful career changes. 

Some have moved from social work into law or medicine, while others have moved from journalism into counseling. Still others have been encouraged to move into paid employment after years at home bringing up children.

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