What Is Pellin Italy?

“For me, Pellin Italy has always meant excitement. It has been excitement with hard work and responsibility but excitement none the less”.
                                                                                              Peter Fleming

An Overview

The Pellin residential programs have been held in southern Italy since 1972. 

The programs offer a unique opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to meet together and work on issues in their lives in a challenging and caring environment. 

The programs are held in English.

The Cilento region of southern Italy which has been our home since 1972 has physical beauty and a history that is both Italian and Greek. 

The Cilento was a home to philosophers since before Plato, and we regularly visit the famous Greek ruins at Paestum less than an hour’s drive from Pellin where we hold a group over coffee and sandwiches outside Bar Anna overlooking a beautiful temple.

The program enables people to achieve the insight and the courage to change their lives in ways that they might not have believed possible. 

It also offers the opportunity to learn about the Pellin way of working with people, which is helpful for those working in a wide variety of fields: social work, medicine, teaching business, law, being a student and working with children.

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